What is Reality?

        What is Reality-Blog? Reality-Blog is a project that hopes to improve humanity through […]


Is ISIS a Threat?

For the last year and a half ISIS and the newer Islamic State has filled […]


Reality Video is Here!

For our inaugural show I thought I would take some time to talk about ISIS, […]


Denvers Free Agent Factory

   On March 11th 2014, the NFL Free Agency Market will officially start. Thirty two […]


27 Fun, Odd and Unusual History Facts!

Included below are short blurbs about history. The article is not comprehensive and is generally […]


Reality Video: 2 Years to Greatness!

In a few days the Denver Broncos will play in the Super Bowl, the coveted […]


TV Drama: Not at all equal.

          Since the 1940s, television series have been a part of the entertainment universe. For […]


England Causes Own Ireland Troubles

Assigning blame to “The Troubles” of Northern Ireland from 1968-1998 is an old and very […]

IRA Fighters.

Some Common Misconceptions.

The Earth is full of confused and highly popular misconceptions about everything from History to […]


The Wealth Gap is Absurd.

It has suddenly become fashionable to term discussions about income inequality even taxation as “class […]